Getting The Money Making Keywords [Infographic]

Money Making Keywords

Keywords actually refer to the words that you want to rank highly on search engines. It is very important to ensure that you critically think about the keywords that you intend to place on a website in your efforts to optimize the site. It is also important to note that the term keyword does not necessarily refer to a single word and it may refer to phrases with several words.

Good keywords are normally 2 to 4 word phrases that precisely describe your offer using simple day-to-day language that people are likely to type in when searching. In addition, the keywords you choose should not be too competitive because this limits your chances of appearing on the first page. Keywords that are too competitive are usually general in nature and even if they can get you a good ranking, they may fail to deliver conversions effectively because people are always searching for specific things. However, if the keywords you choose are too specific, then fewer individuals will search for the terms and this means that you will get fewer potential visitors.

It is worthwhile to note that because search engines will typically rank web pages and not websites, you will need to vary the type of keywords you use on different pages. It is a wise idea to choose general phrases for the homepage while the more specific terms can be placed on the inside pages of your site.

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