The Affiliate Marketing Process


In order to encourage people to click on your link, and then spend some money, you need to come across as being somebody, or a website, that they can trust. If your website is merely a series of links, then your site will just die as there is nothing there for the visitor to learn other than the fact that you are linked to elsewhere on the internet.

By coming across as trustworthy, you will then find that people will recommend your website to others as being the place they need to go in order to learn about a product or a service, but in order to get them to do this, you need to build a relationship with them. This relationship is not going to exist if you merely have an advert with a link and no other content as it comes across as you not even believing in the product if you have not taken the time to tell people about it. It should now be clear that you must make sure that your content is of high quality and appear to be an honest appraisal of a problem and a solution and not just a sales pitch and by doing this, you should have more sales as a result.

Eric Welke is a founding member of the Empower Network and regularly writes a blog at  His blog includes articles on traffic methods, how to run a business and other internet marketing advice.

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