StumbleUpon – A Real Source of Targeted Viral Traffic to Your Site

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A Lot of people would argue about the importance of StumbleUpon as an effective social media website for generating traffic and would not even list it in the top social media website like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Others would even go a further step and say that StumbleUpon could actually harm your website or blog, and in most cases they are right.

How StumbleUpon Could Harm Your Site

Because of the way StumbleUpon works, people could stumble onto your page without having any interest in it. Then they would immediately stumble on to another page, which would decrease your average time on site and increase your bounce rate; or they would immediately click on your AdSense banners, since they are bored and want to get out of your blog. That would increase fraud clicks and could get you banned from AdSense.

Using StumbleUpon the RIGHT Way

I know that now you are asking yourself, “If StumbleUpon could be that bad for my blog, then why bother using it!” And the answer is: this is not always the case; there are cases when StumbleUpon would actually generate long term massive traffic and increase your Adsense earnings to the point that other social media interactions would fail to reach; but you do need to know how exactly to use StumbleUpon for it to have a beneficial effect.

I have been testing StumbleUpon by sharing many of my blog posts and in most cases I failed to generate real traffic but I was very successful with one of my posts published 15 months back at my technical blog here generating more than 45K visits. That is 100+ visits per day for a whole period of 15 months just by sharing one article one time.

How many Twitter Followers or Facebook Friends and Fans would you need to generate the same amount of traffic? Or how many times would you need to keep sharing the same article over and over again? Some Internet marketers and top niche bloggers can generate the same through Facebook or Twitter; but not every blogger is a celebrity, right? Also to back up my claims that this didn’t harm my blog you can check the below snapshot of my Google Web Analytics tool; you can check the Average time on Page which is higher than my website Average time and bounce rate which is lower compared to my website bounce rate.


Post Traffic

You can also check the amount of Adsense earning from that post compared to my site wide statics.


Top Differentiator for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is very different in one key statistic from Facebook and Twitter, which increases the potential for StumbleUpon to generate more viral traffic than other social media sites. The half-life of a link is the time it will take for your link to reach half of the re-shares it will ever reach. According to the life cycle of a web page Infographic released by StumbleUpon two years back, any web page would have a 2.8 hour half-life when shared on Twitter, a 3.2 hour half-life when shared on Facebook and a much longer half-life of 400 hours when shared on StumbleUpon.

How to Use StumbleUpon:
The way you use StumbleUpon will actually define your experience on the site and whether it will harm your website or not. Normally sharing interesting web pages will help your website while sharing non-interesting web pages will harm your site. Below are 7 tips for building your StumbleUpon network and finding interesting pages to share:

1        Build your Network

Just like with any other social media website, you need to have an active network, start following active, like-minded people. Active people are normally people who have a high number of liked pages on their profile, like-minded people are people you share the same interests with; they are more likely to share your pages. You may find Stumblers’ interests by going to their profiles.

2        Interact with your Network

You will not only need to follow people but also to send them messages to introduce yourself and what you do and gently ask them for the same, this will help you to build strong relationships.

3        Start Sharing your StumbleUpon friends’ webpages

Don’t wait for others to share your pages, start sharing the webpages they send you. Your friends will be eagerly waiting for you to send them your pages so that they can share them with their friends.

4        Have a clear website design with rich content

Having a clear website design is a key on StumbleUpon because Stumblers love to see clear and creative website design but also like to see rich content with text, images and videos.

5        Start Sharing interesting articles and not only yours

Now your friends are ready to share web pages you send them. Avoid sending your friends every blog post you have, and share only the most interesting ones. Also share with them other interesting posts that you find online; you need to show them that you are interested in sharing useful and interesting information from all sources and not only your own.

6        Interesting topics

To help you find what type of content is considered an interesting topic on StumbleUpon, check below a list of topics that have the most potential to go viral on the site:

–          Humor images and videos

–          Music

–          Movies and comedy movies

–          Sport images and videos

–          Latest technology and science images and videos

–          List of top things, preferably free things

–          Video games

7        StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Services:

If you don’t have the time to grow your traffic by building up your network, you can utilize StumbleUpon Paid Discovery services to generate highly targeted traffic. I don’t have any experience with their paid discovery services but at least this is what they claim. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is just an advertising service like Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Back to You . . .

Have you been utilizing StumbleUpon? Were you able to generate viral traffic from it? Do you have any experience with the StumbleUpon Paid Discovery services? We would love to hear your thoughts on the comment section.

14 thoughts on “StumbleUpon – A Real Source of Targeted Viral Traffic to Your Site”

  1. I just recently started my blog and signed up for stumbleupon. It has not gave me significant traffic but the tips you provided were great. I do have an active Twitter and Facebook page to interact with my followers. Maybe stumbleupon will work in the future but I find Twitter and Facebook more beneficial.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Adley,

      I do agree with you that Twitter and Facebook are generally more beneficial but there are some cases where you can get with Stumbleupon what you can’t get with Facebook and Twitter in long time and this is what the post is about, to highlight those cases and to let you know how to maximize your Stumbleupon for that case. Building a trust network on Stumbleupon needs time and a lot of sharing from your side.
      Thanks for your comment and your valuable input.

        1. Hi Cole,

          I do agree with you that Google+ can also be an engaging social media website and generate traffic but there is little certain cases where StumbleUpon would be unmatched and we want to highlight those cases. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Qasim,
    Most people doesn’t know how to get leverage with Stumbleupon. The simple mantra is staying active on their community. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  3. Hi Alhammad,
    Nice tips. Your tips – “How to Use StumbleUpon” are very useful. Especially “How StumbleUpon Could Harm Your Site” is great. Thanks for share!!

  4. Hi Qasim,

    I’ve heard a lot of people talking about using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to their site. I have to admit I haven’t really been using it.

    Although after reading your tutorial…I may just have to give it shot.

    Pretty awesome results from just that one post. Thanks for the share and opening up our eyes to using this site.

    1. Hi Susan,

      I knew that many people under estimate the power of StumbleUpon and I must say that it works but in special occasions. I am glad you found the review useful and hope it could help you to bring in lots of viral traffic.

  5. Hi Qasim,

    The interaction between me and the StumbleUpon users is very limited and unpleasant. For both of us.

    Usually it happens like this: I read somewhere an interesting headline, I click the link hoping to read the article, a StumbleUpon bar is loading plus a blank page and then I wait… and wait. The waiting time is over the limit I’m willing to accept and I close the window. Bounced traffic.

    My internet connection is a good one, I’m 100% sure. I don’t know what the problem is but I don’t very much care. If there are people willing to get bounces for no reason other than being able to measure the bounce rate through that bar, it’s their problem not mine. Or maybe that bar isn’t for measuring something but for sharing the content you don’t see (!). I don’t know for sure, I’m not a SU user. What I know for sure is that the Stumbleupon bar slows a lot the loading time. And that’s bad.

    If your content is not seen, does it matter how good it is? ;-)

    1. Hi Adrian,

      I do agree with you that sometimes StumbleUpon gets busy and loading time takes longer, but that not always the case for me, for most articles bonus rates are very high since even when your article is loaded if people don’t like it they will click on any ad on your website or people will stumble into another page, this is why you need to share articles that are really of an interest to StumbleUpon users. StumbleUpon provides detailed information on which topics are interesting to their users and estimate time they spend on articles. I hope this helps you understand more about StumbleUpon.

  6. I also have to agree about Stumbleupon. Whenever I share my work with this site I seem to have more visitors from this site than any other social network. I have not gone viral here yet, but it does make me more funds than any other sharing site I know of.

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