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Welcome to Roads-2-Riches (R2R). This blog has been created in order to share what we have learned from working online and to provide readers with different methods, tools, tips, strategies, resources and step by step guides on how to make money online. The guides, tips, resources etc. offered are from our authors’ personal experiences and are shared as their skill and knowledge grow.

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100/100 UP Model

Roads-2-Riches is the first site we know of that uses the 100/100 UP Model. Hongmin Zhang (Min Min) worked out the model and Phil Turner helped come up with the name. It is a revenue sharing model with a difference.


100% Unique top quality articles. Writers keep 100% of any affiliate income from referral links in their articles. Writers may insert ads (including ads using their own AdSense ID) into their articles. Ads may be contextual or banner ads. R2R will not add Adsense or any other ads to writers’ articles.


U = Unique, P = Platform

Writers will be invited to submit top quality articles that exhibit unique thinking. They use R2R as a platform for their best articles and are rewarded by being able to embed their referral links.

Any one program may only be promoted by one R2R writer. Min Min as the site owner will have the final decision regarding which referral programs may be used.


Writers are expected to contribute at least one article per month. R2R will advise, coach, teach writers to promote their articles. All article promotion and link-building must be manual and in-line with best practise.

If you have knowledge in the digital marketing field then you are welcome to join our team. Please click this Contact Us link.

Meet Our Team

  1. Podcast on Original Content Min Min 56:46

Owner, CEO, SEO Consultant, Content Strategist, Webmaster and Technical Support
I am a Search Engine Originality Evangelist, Prudent Strategist and Inspiring Mentor. One of my ultimate missions is to advocate originality. I have strived for it all my life – telling everyone, if possible, please be original. "Search Engine Originality" was coined by Min Min on Oct. 16, 2014. To learn more about me, please read my personal story.
Bernard Zarifovic
Founder of Roads-2-Riches.com and Writer
I'm a young entrepreneur currently living in Atlanta, Ga. The reason I created this blog is to share my personal experiences in making money online. I have an analytical mind by nature which helps me to come up with strategies and has drawn me to business and marketing. My entrepreneur mindset allows me to be fearless in trying new things and acting on my ideas. I prefer to have things planned ahead and thought out before diving into them which I believe is the reason why my ideas have mostly worked out. Some ideas did not work out and were not profitable, but I do not regret my failures as I look at them as learning experiences and humbly accept them. To learn more about me, please read my personal story.
Phil Turner
Editor and Writer
I have been writing since the dawn of the Internet from my home near Cork, Ireland. I write because I have things to say. I write to pass on my knowledge to others because what good will my learning do unless I pass it on? My writing has brought me a lot of good things in life, including happiness and a rewarding career, but most importantly, it has brought me friends. I live and work by the 5 Currency principles, which I have written about on my blog, Time Money Problem. To learn more about me, please read my personal story.
Qasim Alhammad

Qasim Alhammad is an IP Telephony Engineer by day and blogger by night. He loves to share money making ideas at his blog Aliensmoney.