Default WordPress Search Sucks

When I noticed the no-results site search terms in Google analytics, I realized that I had lost precious visitors who had already found my site, even though my site does have the information they were looking for. This was happening because of the limitations of the default WordPress search engine.

Cons of Default WordPress Search

1. The default search operator for WordPress search is the Boolean search operator “AND” but there is no fallback to the “OR” search operator.

The “AND” search operator tells the database that ALL search terms must be present in the search results, while the “OR” search operator tells … Continue reading Default WordPress Search Sucks

In Love with AWeber with Eyes Wide Open

I met AWeber and fell in love at first sight when I was an “email newsletter ninja” taking care of campaigns for a client.

You know what I mean. When you’re in love you work on the relationship for its own sake because you know no individual/relationship is perfect; you accept the imperfections and work things out.

Voilà, this is my experience with my beloved AWeber.

When I was first working for this client, lists were already set up. I only needed to compose attractive newsletters and schedule them in AWeber. I’m still a subscriber now, as I’m happy to … Continue reading In Love with AWeber with Eyes Wide Open

Stop Fighting the Google Roller Coaster

Grasp the Principles and Enjoy the Ride

Precognition of Google Phantom Update

Google organic search ranking is like a roller coaster. But I assure you, it is the most scenic one, and the excitement level really depends on the scale of black hats’ activities.

To take an exciting yet safe ride, it’s really not about gaming the system, rather about being familiar with its mechanics; because, no matter how thrilled you want to be, you don’t want to be injured or thrown out. The Google roller coaster is even dynamic; the more black hats, the more twists and turns the … Continue reading Stop Fighting the Google Roller Coaster

How to Turn Your Brain Dump into an Epic Article

You have a lot of fancy ideas but you’re not sure if you can express them well in writing and not sure if your articles will be as captivating as your thoughts.

You Are More Than You Thought

I appreciate your ideas; I want to hear them!

Your ideas are yours; they’re original and unique. They’re refreshing and beautiful!

You might say that your random thoughts are unorganized and cluttered. It’s a headache to think about reorganizing them, let alone writing a sterling article others would be in awe of.

However, are you aware that you have won at the … Continue reading How to Turn Your Brain Dump into an Epic Article

My Story and Core Belief – The Prime Role of Originality

I’m a blogger who’s a fountain of ideas, who makes her ideas come true and who’s passionate about her choice of career.

How I Started My Internet Career

I started my first website 10 years ago. I wrote poems and hosted them on It drove traffic immediately. So I registered a domain, learned programming and online marketing by myself, and started my Internet career.

The domain is called It says, even if we love and are loved, we’re still lonely. It was a personal poetry site, but eventually became a popular poetry community. Because of the domain name, … Continue reading My Story and Core Belief – The Prime Role of Originality

The WordPress Plugins That Do Not Work

In the article about my experiences with web hosting companies, I wrote about my experiences with blogging platforms as well. I learned html on my own and thought that it would be a good start if I began with plain coding rather than a visual editor like front page, even though I occasionally used it when I was learning to write the code for tables – yes, at that time, there were tables, no fancy style sheets. I mainly wrote plain code and was viewing the result by opening the saved html file.

Then my site got traffic and readers … Continue reading The WordPress Plugins That Do Not Work

An Evergreen Traffic Source – Ahead of Google’s Game Plan

I wrote about whether to exchange links with “competitors”, and I also wrote about how to find the best link partners to exchange links with. I mentioned that Google organic search should no longer be your only or major traffic source that you rely on, because since Panda and Penguin were born, the world has changed.

Unless you enjoy dancing with uncertainty and have an acute sense of smell as Frank Slade (in Scent of a Woman), Google is not the basket you should put all your eggs in. There’re always other baskets, even though they may not look so … Continue reading An Evergreen Traffic Source – Ahead of Google’s Game Plan

Social Media Exchange Helps You Show Off

I didn’t expect the power of social media, until I saw that Facebook became the top referrer in the StatCounter project of my poetry site. Before I noticed this, the site solely relied on Google organic search to bring traffic. I then started to install Facebook Like button on it (seeing the count go up minute by minute was a pleasant enjoyment) and also installed Share buttons that include all major social media players on all my sites.

Why We Install Social Media Buttons

Even though I recently came across an interesting article titled “Big Question: Should We Drop Social Media … Continue reading Social Media Exchange Helps You Show Off

Exchange Links Wisely – Secret Tips

There has been a huge debate on the credibility of link exchange, but if you use link exchanges with wisdom, you’ll gain a lot of benefits and avoid any downside.

Where to Find Link Partners? – Your “Competitors”

Your “competitors” are not really your competitors, but those whose sites are so relevant that their keyword themes are similar to your own. Their sites rank similar keywords to yours, and those sites will definitely drive the “most wanted” and relevant traffic to your website. This is something a non-competitor can never compare with.

In order to exchange links with “competitors”, both … Continue reading Exchange Links Wisely – Secret Tips

My Dramatic Experiences with Web Hosting Companies

I can never forget the experience with the first web hosting company I dealt with –CalanHost. It was an attractive company in the way it captured its market share swiftly and because of Sean Cahill’s smart attitude. Just like a momentary high school crush, CalanHost faded like a shooting star, following the fashion and catching the last subway train of the dot com bubble.

It was 2003. I was inexperienced with web hosting services, so I not only hosted my website with CalanHost, but also registered my domain name through CalanHost and I didn’t notice that I had no direct access … Continue reading My Dramatic Experiences with Web Hosting Companies