An Evergreen Traffic Source – Ahead of Google’s Game Plan

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I wrote about whether to exchange links with “competitors”, and I also wrote about how to find the best link partners to exchange links with. I mentioned that Google organic search should no longer be your only or major traffic source that you rely on, because since Panda and Penguin were born, the world has changed.

Unless you enjoy dancing with uncertainty and have an acute sense of smell as Frank Slade (in Scent of a Woman), Google is not the basket you should put all your eggs in. There’re always other baskets, even though they may not look so … Continue reading An Evergreen Traffic Source – Ahead of Google’s Game Plan

Exchange Links Wisely – Secret Tips

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There has been a huge debate on the credibility of link exchange, but if you use link exchanges with wisdom, you’ll gain a lot of benefits and avoid any downside.

Where to Find Link Partners? – Your “Competitors”

Your “competitors” are not really your competitors, but those whose sites are so relevant that their keyword themes are similar to your own. Their sites rank similar keywords to yours, and those sites will definitely drive the “most wanted” and relevant traffic to your website. This is something a non-competitor can never compare with.

In order to exchange links with “competitors”, both … Continue reading Exchange Links Wisely – Secret Tips

Making Money Guide- Creating a Link Wheel

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Hey guys, welcome to step two to my Money Making Guide. Remember when I mentioned in step one, my “8 Sites to Join” post that I would show you how to combine different sites together? Well here I will share a list of sites where you can submit your articles (or the content that you have written) and show you how to create an effective link wheel that will generate several different incomes.

Creating a Link Wheel

Generally a link wheel is used to bring traffic to and from different sites but you can also create an income if the content … Continue reading Making Money Guide- Creating a Link Wheel

Reverse Link Building Tips You Weren’t Aware Of – Outside In

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Lately I have gotten several questions concerning link exchanges and noticed that a lot of people still think it’s okay to exchange links with anyone possible. I assure you that is not, there are several things to take into consideration when it comes to exchanging links. Please note that the following advice is directed to those who are new to blogging and working online. If you are a seasoned blogger you may want to skip this post or go “duh” the whole time, then again, I just might have thrown some stuff in there that you weren’t aware of.

Exchanging … Continue reading Reverse Link Building Tips You Weren’t Aware Of – Outside In