Stop Fighting the Google Roller Coaster

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Grasp the Principles and Enjoy the Ride

Precognition of Google Phantom Update

Google organic search ranking is like a roller coaster. But I assure you, it is the most scenic one, and the excitement level really depends on the scale of black hats’ activities.

To take an exciting yet safe ride, it’s really not about gaming the system, rather about being familiar with its mechanics; because, no matter how thrilled you want to be, you don’t want to be injured or thrown out. The Google roller coaster is even dynamic; the more black hats, the more twists and turns the … Continue reading Stop Fighting the Google Roller Coaster

How to Find Gems in the Murky SEO Industry

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If your website depends on organic traffic from search engines then you need your site to rank as high as possible in search results. This is the logic behind search engine optimization, but the waters are muddied by SEO agencies that use black hat tactics which are designed to fool Google and Bing.

Every SEO agency claims amazing results; some claim impossible search engine rankings in ridiculous timescales though. How do you find an SEO you can trust?

I asked a group of SEO experts on and their responses are summarized below.

Listen to Matt Cutts – He Sets … Continue reading How to Find Gems in the Murky SEO Industry

The WordPress Plugins That Do Not Work

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In the article about my experiences with web hosting companies, I wrote about my experiences with blogging platforms as well. I learned html on my own and thought that it would be a good start if I began with plain coding rather than a visual editor like front page, even though I occasionally used it when I was learning to write the code for tables – yes, at that time, there were tables, no fancy style sheets. I mainly wrote plain code and was viewing the result by opening the saved html file.

Then my site got traffic and readers … Continue reading The WordPress Plugins That Do Not Work