How to Make Money Offline Using Online Resources

Not everybody wants to make money online, some prefer offline methods. Today, I will share some online resources, along with some methods you can use in order to make some money offline. It will require some knowledge of SEO and a few memberships to some free accounts.

Even though these methods came to mind, I only used them a few times. Depending on who and what you know these method can work for you. The key here is that you do not charge people an arm and a leg. Charge them under a $50 since the goal here is not to make money upfront. But create a residual income, maybe even some backlinks.

Personally what I tell my clients, who happen to be starting out and have a low budget, is that I’m not a pro just yet. I’m still learning but I know enough to get them off the ground and that’s why my prices are cheap. This is true, and most people will be understanding about this and some will be willing to go along with it due to their budget. You can even gather a list of businesses of professionals and show them what they offer for their services if need be; chances are they will charge hundreds of dollars for their work. You want to target small offline business and individuals without much knowledge of the internet since the competition is lower and they probably will have no knowledge of the sites that you will be using.

I don’t recommend solely relying on Fiverr since not all gigs will benefit you. Getting 3000 backlinks for example will actually hurt the site you try to get backlinks to. But if you are building a logo for someone, writing an article, you can use those gigs. I suggest to look around the Fiverr site and see what kind of gigs people offer. It might spark some ideas for you. Remember, the gig costs $5 so if you charge to person you do it for at least 20 bucks then that’s a $15 profit. Make sure that whatever you choose to do for the individual they provide you with detailed info so that way you won’t have to constantly revise it.

  • Offer Cheap YouTube Promotions: For YouTube views, like, subs, and comments, I use Vagex and Enhance Views. Those are some great sites where you can buy credits or earn them by watching other videos and add those credits to your videos. You can convert your credits to views, with Vagex one credit=one view.

The way that I’ve used this method is I charged a local hip hop artist $50 for setting up a YouTube Channel adding their videos, optimized it and got it some views, likes ad comments.You can also monetize it with Adsense which pays you in the long run. Now I didn’t just rely on Vagex and Enhanced Views; I also signed up to different hip hop forums and shared it there along with sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Remember not to charge them too much since the goal here is not to make money upfront. But create a residual income from Adsense and possibly create some backlincks for yourself if you can.

There might be a situation where they might not want ads on their videos or once you mention it they might want to decide they want it for themselves. In that situation I explain to them that after registering for Adsense, and if it’s approved which takes a few days, that they will be making pennies only when someone clicks on the ad. I’m always honest with them and I let them know that I use Adsense because of my field of work . That is what really pays me and that’s why my services are so cheap. Most people agree to it and if not it’s okay. You still made a few bucks.

  • Build a Website Dirt Cheap: Another method you can use if you know how to build websites. You can offer to build one for someone dirt cheap and have them choose a web host through your affiliate link; this gives you a little money upfront and you can have a monthly income from it.

By being a web administrator at my job I have learned how to run a Joomla site and with that knowledge I have made my dad a website for his restaurant for free. Since the restaurant closed down now the site is offline as well but while it was up there were Adsense ads that were on there (he wasn’t too happy with that). He already had a host but it made me think of this method. If I were to build a website dirt cheap and provide people my affiliate links to hosting companies like InMotionHosting, maybe even some of the cheaper ones since I think that they would work better. I could make a monthly income from it. I never really followed through this method but it sounds like a good idea.

I have noticed that not everyone likes, or has patience to sign up too many different accounts or to constantly be behind a computer. You can easily take advantage of this situation. By offering your services dirt cheap to small offline business, local artists, and people who would like an online presence you can start you can acquire a monthly income for yourself.

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