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I didn’t expect the power of social media, until I saw that Facebook became the top referrer in the StatCounter project of my poetry site. Before I noticed this, the site solely relied on Google organic search to bring traffic. I then started to install Facebook Like button on it (seeing the count go up minute by minute was a pleasant enjoyment) and also installed Share buttons that include all major social media players on all my sites.

Social Media Marketing

Why We Install Social Media Buttons

Even though I recently came across an interesting article titled “Big Question: Should We Drop Social Media Buttons?” I still hesitate to do so, just as I hesitate to ignore Google regardless of its ever changing algorithm, because it’s still one of the major referrers, and so is the social media. None of the webmasters can completely disregard the power of Google organic search and social media when they look at their website traffic source. I also noticed that Pinterest stands out and becomes the top referrer of my relationship advice blog that’s full of stunning images. How can I neglect the social power?

Social Power vs Organic Search Compared

Social media is a good complement to organic search and SEO due to its viral referral power and instantaneity, which organic search lacks, and most importantly, it’s achievable, in comparison to achieving top positions in Google organic results, which only Google knows.

In terms of the cost, social media is cheap at two aspects: 1. It’s free; 2. No special training is required. Social media also has some benefits over organic search, one of which being building trust. That’s why we all have social media count on and it shows off our Facebook likes, Twitter followers and simply tells others that we’re liked and therefore likeable. This function is similar to product review, just in a simpler way. It’s a kind of algorithm of product review, which is efficient. This reminds me of OKC, the dating site that uses its own algorithm to match couples, which makes dating match more efficient and simplifies the screening process.

The Weaknesses of Social Power

However, promoting products or services in social media is not an easy task to do, even if it’s simple, because your product or service has to have such a charm that hundreds and thousands would like to share it voluntarily and widely. What’s more, it’s also time-consuming! This reminds me again of those lonely artists who didn’t get recognition until after their own time.

Empower Your Social Media with a New Solution

The good news is that there’s a new service called social media exchange that’s born out of the demand. Yes, you can get credits from sharing and then you can use these credits to get your product or service shared via social media!

As I mentioned before, participating in social media activities doesn’t require specialized skills, so you can simply hire someone to exchange social media sharing credits with others, which is much cheaper than hiring an SEO expert, isn’t it? e.g. when you shared enough, you can use the credits, so others will retweet. The only cost is to hire someone to share to accumulate credits.

However, like anything else, social media also has its imperfection, that is, it’s not as targeted as organic search results. When visitors come from organic search results, they’re in a buying mood and your product or service is the very something they’re looking for, while visitors from social media may just visit your site out of curiosity, not bringing instant targeted results, therefore, social media marketing is more brand and long-term oriented.

Social Media Exchange the Right Way

Besides, different social media work differently in different niches. As I mentioned before, Facebook works well for my poetry site, while Pinterest for relationship advice blog. Hence, if you target the wrong audience, the investment can be cost-ineffective, no matter how cheap it is. This is what you should keep in mind when deciding to invest in social media campaign.

However, this is also the charm of social media exchange, in that, you can use your existing social power to accumulate credits to serve others better, while in return, you can use these credits to launch your targeted campaign. e.g. I can use my Facebook power to accumulate credits, because my poetry site has a lot of members who are active on Facebook, and in return, I can use these credits to promote my relationship advice blog on Pinterest, where I haven’t had many followers.

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