$500 Blogging Contest By BlogEngage and Guest Crew

Earlier today (as of writing this) Uttoran Sen, the owner of Guest Crew reached out to me and invited me to participate in his $500 blogging contest. Despite it being late and the contest ending in about two weeks I decided to participate anyway. The reason for me participating even at this late stage is because I recognize that in this situation, everyone comes out a winner even if you don’t end up winning a cash price. I will go more into that later on but for now please allow me to explain the contest to you.

The $500 blogging contest sponsored by Guest Crew and judged by Blog Engage owner Brian, officially started on July 1st and it ends on August 15th when the winners will be announced.

$500 Blogging Contest Prizes and Rules

The rules of this contest are quite simple and you can win based on the things a blogger should be doing anyway, namely writing, promoting and participating.

1. First you should write and publish a post on your blog announcing the contest. It is required that you mention the sponsor (Uttoran Sen of GuestCrew) and the Judge (Brian of BlogEngage). Pretty much a post that’s similar to this one.

2. Your second act would be to join Guest Crew (free registration) and apply for an article from the article gallery. The article that you receive is to be published on BlogEngage as a guest post.

3. The third step is to start participating on the Guest Crew Forum. I’m not sure if there is a minimum post requirement but that shouldn’t matter. Once you have registered for Guest Crew simply start replying to posts, adding your own topics and start reaping the benefits of participation.

Points and Prizes

The competition’s results are based on the points you receive and you receive points based on the number of social shares and comments on both the contest post and the Blog Engage guest post that you receive by participating in the Guest Crew Forum. There are six prizes to win that are listed below:

  • 1st Prize – $200
  • 2nd Prize – $100
  • 3rd Prize – $75
  • 4th Prize – $50
  • 5th Prize – $50
  • 6th Prize – $25

Why Should YOU Participate?

As of me writing this it’s Saturday July 27th, 2013 9:52am Eastern Time. Sounds like a bit of overkill but anyway, it’s obvious that I joined late and other participants have a head-start but as previously mentioned, even if you don’t win the cash price you will reap benefits in other ways.

You will have new content on your blog and will have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow bloggers through two great platforms, Blog Engage and Guest Crew.

I was planning on writing a review of Blog Engage anyway but allow me to briefly say that I am already receiving traffic, shares, comments, and building relationships via the site. I just heard about Guest Crew and joined because of the contest but I can see that it is a platform which makes it easier for you receive guest posts and also allows you to interact with influential writers within your own niche.

So, by participating in this contest you will be doing things that you should be doing as a blogger anyway and come out a winner whether or not you win an actual prize.

With all that being said, good luck to each and every one of you. Happy Blogging!

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