Content Strategy That Will Increase Your Traffic and Income- Part 1

I would like to welcome you all to part one of my “Content Strategy That Will Increase Your Traffic and Income.” In this post I will elaborate on what content is and stress the importance of it as I grew to understand it. In addition, I will briefly get into part two and state why just writing content might not be enough to get the results you desire and explain why having a content strategy is just as important as writing articles.

Content – The Foundation of all Income Online

Any good article that I have read as of late mentions of “content is king” but what does that even mean? How Important is content? The more and more I post on my blog and articles I read the more I’m starting to realize how content, you know, those pages with a lot of texts on them, is one of the main reasons of all income that’s made on line no matter what niche you are in. Having a lot of words on a web page will greatly increase the chances of your having an income. Think about it,  what would happen if you would take away content now? I almost guarantee that everyone who makes money online will lose their income.

If you are wondering how I came to this conclusion look at it the way I see it. People go online and search the web for 3 main reasons, entertainment, eduction, and shopping, which means they want to either learn something, be entertained, or shop. By taking away all articles and video content, there wouldn’t be anything there to meet their needs.

Shopping would still be around and images would have to be a replacement for the item descriptions. But other than that, the internet would turn into a world wide mall (WWM) and only eCommerce sites would be the ones that make money. Big companies have the funds and smart entrepreneurs will find a way to profit. But majority of the individuals will be out of luck due to the massive competition.

I’m not going to go more into that as I don’t know for certain what would happen. My point was to simply give you a chance to grasp the importance of content from another perspective. By us having the privilege of having content, we should be appreciative of this and not misuse it as it gives so many of us another source of income whether it’s a primary or secondary.

Having Content is Not Enough

Now that we covered the importance of content, I would like to state that simply having content is not enough in order to make money online. There are a few things that also play a huge factor if you are trying to create an income in this field. In this part, I will go over some of those things.

Having Good Content– What determines good content? With so much competition out there, what sets your content apart from others? There are millions of writers who write online as a profession and there is someone that’s always going to be better than you. As for me, I’m an entrepreneur before a writer, but being  true entrepreneur I know that I need to be a writer in order the make money online. In my given situation I can’t afford to hire writers, so I write myself despite the fact that my articles may contain bad grammar at times. I don’t tend to make excuses for myself, I still put out content to the best of my ability. With that being said, my advice for small businesses and even those who aren’t exceptional writers is even if you have to hire copywriters by all means go for it. This should be on top of what to invest in and fortunately it’s not as expensive as other investments are. If you can’t hire anyone due to the lack of funds then write yourself! I personally feel that if you have something great to offer, don’t let something like grammar hold you back. Just write the best you can.

Having a Content Strategy– You might have written several article and noticed that it might not have gotten the recognition it deserves. This could be the case for several reasons, one maybe the article is not as good as you think it is, and the other reason it could be that it may not be posted at a proper time. Simply writing great articles is not enough, you need a content strategy in order to make your post more effective. A good question to ask yourself is “what to post and when to post it.” Having different types of articles posted at the right time will increase the chances of getting it recognized, which I think figuring that out is part of designing a good content strategy for yourself. I will elaborate more on this in part 2 of my content strategy but for now be aware of that “what and when” can determine the amount of recognition, or attention your article will receive.

Promoting Your Content– Even with a good content strategy in place, it’s always a good idea to promote your articles. If you just let them sit there in a lot of cases that’s all that they might do. Sure you can receive organic visits and the readers that are subscribed to you may read it but if you want to increase your readers I recommend that you promote it. There are several ways you can promote your articles, submitting them to different directories, social media, having their links as you place a comment amongst others. But this part also plays a part in the content strategy that I will share with you in part 2. Just know that your time is essential, you would want to use it wisely and promote them at the right time in order to get the best benefits out of it.

Summary to My Content Strategy

Understanding the importance of great content is the first step in increasing your traffic and revenue online and once you grasp that it becomes much easier to do so. Taking the time out to just simply sit down and think about what to write and when to post it gives you a game plan that also increases the odds of receiving both traffic and an income. Knowing when and how to promote it also plays a huge role. By not only taking into consideration what’s outlined in this post, but also taking action will give you more satisfying results.

Conclusion to Part One and Intro to Part Two

As we conclude part one of my “Content Strategy That Will Increase Your Traffic and Income,” in part two I will elaborate on my content strategy that you can benefit from despite what niche you are in. I will share how I write my articles along with the different types, when to post them, and when and how to promote them in order to get the best results and make the most out of your online experience.

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