5 Easy Tips on How to Create Content that Converts

5 Easy Tips on How to Create Content that ConvertsHow to Make Money now

Content marketing is one of the guaranteed ways of increasing your website’s conversion rate and traffic. According Content Marketing Institute, content marketing generates three times more leads than outbound marketing. The study also found out that it costs 62% less than outbound marketing mainly because it has lower up-front costs and delivers more long-term benefits than paid search.

A Day in Internet found out that more than 294 billion emails, 2 million blogs posts and 864 thousand of videos are created daily. This enormous amount of content results in cutthroat competition for readers online. Based on these facts, it is imperative for businesses to come up with robust content marketing strategies.

Today, we will look at five easy tips on how to create content that converts.

Learn to Create Captivating Headlines

Site traffic could vary by up to 500% based on whether or not you have a captivating headlines that grabs attention. Hence, it is of paramount importance to create compelling headlines to attract as many potential customers as possible. It’s your only chance to connect with high-value clients who probably have a million other equally important things to think about.

Write Conversationally – Humanize the Experience for the User

The most successful brands have mastered the art of conversion rate optimization – a big key factor being that they humanize the experience for the user. Apart from regularly carrying out A/B test, they create content that resonates with the target audience. To achieve this goal, they carry out extensive research to understand how their clientele speak and use the findings to create stellar content.

The secret to writing conversationally is by assuming that you are talking to a friend or colleague about the said topic. Use simple language that they can understand and second person narrative to convey the intended message effectively.

Don’t Forget to Include a Call-to-Action

Simply put, a call-to-action is a polite way of requesting the reader to take the desired action.

This action can be joining your emailing list, subscribing to your newsletter, visiting your website, placing an order and the list is endless. Here are six tips on how to create a killer call-to-action without sounding unprofessional or too salesy.

The importance of a clear call to action

  • Use words that elicit positive emptions or enthusiasm
  • Give the readers a reason why they should take the desired action
  • Be creative
  • Use numbers such as pricing, discounts, promotions
  • Customize it based on the device that the audience mostly use to access your website
  • Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to create urgency

Make Sure your Content is Readable

Online shoppers are usually busy and impatient. They won’t hesitate to move on your competitors website if the copy is not easy to read or user-friendly. According to a study done by Nielson Norman Group, only 16% of websites visitors take time to read the entire article. 79% of them will just scan each page to see if it’s in line with what they are looking for.

Below are expert tips to make your content readable and appealing to the target audience.

  • Use subheadings to organize your content and grab attention of the readers from the onset
  • Write in short paragraphs (each paragraph should have a maximum of 2 sentences)
  • Use simple language (no use of jargons or words that the audience will not understand)
  • The design of your website and colors on the pages should be easy on the eyes. For example, it is difficult to read red text on a yellow background compared to black text on a white background

If you have being wondering how to increase conversion rate for ppc and adwords? Start applying these four tips and you will see a significant improvement in sales and website traffic.

Never Lose your Focus

Most people get off on a tangent not only in writing but also in real life conversations. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to carry out an extensive research to understand the needs and expectations of your target audience. Use the findings of the research as a blueprinting when creating your content.

Check if there are unnecessary statements in your copy before publishing it on your website or any other platform to avoid digressing from the main objective of goal. Ideally, for each article or blog that you write, strive to stick to one position or one point.

Closing Remarks

Applying the above content conversion rate optimization tips when creating content for your website will position your business for success. Be sure to carry out A/B test to know which type of content works best for your business. There is absolutely no limit on the number of sales your business will achieve once you understand how to create content that converts.

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