How to Turn a Hobby Into an Online Business and Make Money $$

So you’re wanting to know how to get started online & build a website on a budget? I’m glad I have caught your attention, because I want to share with you some honest truth about getting started online with little to no investment.

If you ever read the words “Learn how to make money online without any investment!” or “You can begin earning money online TODAY with no money!” please know that it is a load of bollocks.

Have you noticed that everyone is starting “Online Businesses” lately? People from all across the globe are being bombarded with “Influencers” bragging about their “laptop lifestyle” and it’s become a fast-growing trend. Sure, sipping cocktails on a beach in Hawaii and earning money while you sleep sounds damn attractive, but there’s gotta be a catch…right? Simply type “how to earn or make money online” into Google and you’ll soon see the popularity of the subject if your Facebook hasn’t already been bombarded with sponsored ads such as:

  • “How to make 10k per month online”
  • “WANTED: Gen Y’s Who want to Double their Income”
  • “Discover How to Make a Great Living Online, Doing Something You LOVE”
  • “How to Buy, Renovate and Sell Websites for Profit”
  • “Learn the 3 step process that will help you create a location independent lifestyle by building a business based around your passions”

And that’s just in my personal Facebook feed in the last TWO DAYS and doesn’t take into account the countless Instagram DM’s, like-unlike strategies (plz stop, everyone hates that) and Facebook Messenger Messages (plz stop that too, it’s invasive and will not get me to sign up to your course). So if formulating an online strategy is something that you are seriously considering, please don’t become desperate and spam everyone on the web.

“Someone who has built a solid reputation in their industry, doesn’t need to “beg for business”. You will never see a well- known brand cold-calling and begging to get more business – they’re already too busy. If people want your services are you are marketed well, have a solid reputation & social proof, people will always find you.”

So with that being said, it is important to ADD VALUE, and while you are starting out, I would do it for free. Start in a niche (ie. health, wealth or happiness) that you are passionate about and build a reputation and a community around you. Guest post, start a Youtube channel and/or podcast (both of which are FREE) and link it to your website, comment on blogs that you enjoyed, create an eBook of your knowledge and sell it on Clickbank (great way to get started & earn some quick cash!!) just to name a few 😉

The truth is, while it is TRUE that you can monetise a website with no money, it FALSE and slightly misleading to suggest that you can start for free.

Here are some things to consider before you get excited & hand over your hard earned cash, sign up, subscribe or download the “Know-it-all Money Making Guide – eBook Edition”

How to get started online & build a website on a budget

In order to get started online with little to no investment, you will need:

  • Domain & Hosting

As you are just starting out and still learning all the ins-and-outs of your website/blog I would recommend a shared hosting plan that has 24/hr, good quality support. To start your website or blog with a custom domain name and hosting, you will require hosting that’s best suited to your needs and future intentions.  I started my website with FastComet and have been happily with them for almost 2 years. FastComet has a great support and tech team and they are fast at responding. I have 7 websites under the same hosting plan and have always found the experience to be smooth and fuss-free.

If you’re still confused about hosting, what it all means, why you need hosting and which hosting provider to go with, read what our other author, MinMin says about her first ever hosting experience here


  • Knowledge of how to build a website

To start, use FREE Themes and Plugins to keep costs down – I’ll explain what these are, what they do and why they are important in another article.

  • Content for your website/blog

FREE if you write it, but can be outsourced for a small fee over at or

  • Basic SEO knowledge

FREE and important to get people to your new website while you are learning – check out Kate Toon’s SEO Nibbles free course here

To read more about what you need before you start building a website, read this article or sign up for our WordPress Video Training for just $27!

“SHIT, that sounds technical, what if I have no computer skills?”

Don’t worry, it sounds complex now, but it actually isn’t as hard as it sounds. WordPress is really user and beginner friendly. Even better – I have created videos for anyone that is wanting to start out and learn the ropes of WordPress so they can pursue their dream of earning money online without any investment. Check that out here


“Ok, that’s great, but how do I start earning money from my website?”

Simple Monetisation Methods for your Website or Online Business
Great news – you CAN monetize your website for FREE! Here are some suggestions to get you started. (don’t worry, none of these are affiliate links!)

  • Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate accounts are FREE to sign up for (such as Amazon Assoc.) Affiliate marketing, when done right can make you a consistent flow of continuous income, but it is hard work. You will need to get a lot of traffic to your website and understand what your users/visitors want from your website. Magic doesn’t happen overnight – but give it time, baby! This one is worth mastering.

“Hmm.. building a website sounds time consuming. Is there another way to earn money online that takes less time and effort?”

Yes! You can start earning money as a Freelancer!

Alternatively, if you are really strapped for cash, why not start out by freelancing on Fiverr, iWriter, or Upwork? Simply apply for a freelancer profile and you can start earning today (literally)

PLEASE NOTE: Professionalism, consistency and a fast response rate are the best quality’s through which one can become successful in the field of Freelancing


HOWEVER, a massive factor is also mindset!

You have to believe in yourself and DO THE WORK. As much as you might like to say that you are already busy with your current 9-5 job, family, children, day-to-day chaos if you want to make a difference in your life, free up some time and make money while you sleep – then you better invest in YOURSELF.

Building a website and an online business does not happen overnight – like all good things in life, it will take time, patience and consistency to get everything up and running. Heck, SEO takes 6-12 months to start getting indexed by the search engines.

Please don’t get caught up in the “Get Rich Quick” Schemes – you will just go around in circles.



The honest truth about making money online


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