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Lately I have gotten several questions concerning link exchanges and noticed that a lot of people still think it’s okay to exchange links with anyone possible. I assure you that is not, there are several things to take into consideration when it comes to exchanging links. Please note that the following advice is directed to those who are new to blogging and working online. If you are a seasoned blogger you may want to skip this post or go “duh” the whole time, then again, I just might have thrown some stuff in there that you weren’t aware of.

Exchanging links is something that’s been around for years, even before I started working online. You can see link exchanges all over the internet: This is a system where 2 parties swap links with one another. This is something that a lot of blog owners do. In order to make an effective link exchange 2 parties would swap links using anchor texts. Keep in mind that you would want to keep it relevant, because irrelevant link exchanges can harm your site’s search engine ranking.

When to Link

The link that you see there is an example of an anchor text. I did not swap links with this person or post, I just thought that it was informative and decided to add it. Anytime I feel like I might be going off topic I would go ahead and add a link in the post for further reading on the subject. A smart thing to do at this point is to add your own link or a link you exchanged with another person. But this is my first post; I went ahead and used theirs despite the fact I have no ties with that blog or the author.

What Will Happen? – The Rewards

In this situation the following might not be the case, but adding someone else’s link to your post could possibly get the author’s attention. If so, they might even be willing to do the same for you.

Where to Link To? – Your Bona Fide Intention

So if you don’t have any related links of your own it won’t hurt adding an awesome article that you have read and is related to yours. Just keep in mind that you are there to inform the reader, so why not add links that you think might be beneficial?

Well there you have it; here are some quick tips on exchanging links. If you would like to read up on some secret tips on exchanging links, well you are lucky. Go to that anchor text over there , hehe. Okay perhaps my anchor texts need some work but what I’m telling you is true I assure you. So what are your thoughts on the subject?

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