Profitable niches – the ultimate selection guide

I’ve decided to provide you guys with a list of 100+ niches in order to give you a change to visually see your options if you happen to be stuck and can’t really think of one. I’m also going to share with you a quick method on how you should go about selecting a profitable niche(s).

4 Steps to Selecting a Profitable Niche

1. Interests

Start by selecting a few niches that you are interested in since it’s easier to create content that way. A good example of this is my brother’s poetry blog. From my experience, poetry is not a very profitable niche but since he enjoys writing it he can constantly write new content for it, which has the potential to turn profitable if he keeps at it. But the key here is to pick something you can constantly create new content for.

2. Profit Potential

After you have selected several niches that you are interested in, make sure that you do not only keyword research, but also check to see how the competition is with that niche. Don’t just research for SEO purposes, go check and see how profitable your niche is. Here is a great post on discovering a profitable niche for a new website.

3. Expertise

Now let’s say that you are left with 3 niches that you are interested in and are profitable. The next thing you should do is ask yourself “which of these 3 am I most knowledgeable about?” The reason you should ask that question is because you will be an expert, write great content and be more competitive.

4. Sub-Niches

The last step would be breaking down your niche or niches into a sub-niche. Let’s say you choose music. So in this case it could be something like music>hip hop>dj. So now you broke it all the way down to Disk Jockey. So your blog topics could be about anything that has to do with DJ’s. You can give advice on how to DJ’s, review the best turn tables and other equipment, and/or interview DJ’s etc.

So they are the methods to selecting a profitable niche. Without further ado, here is the list of 100+ niches.

Niche List

  1. advertising
  2. amazon
  3. audio books
  4. automotive
  5. baby shower
  6. beauty products
  7. black lights- party lights, anything related.
  8. broadband phone
  9. car accessory
  10. car insurance
  11. car rental
  12. casino
  13. cat food
  14. cell phone
  15. ceramics
  16. chess
  17. chocolate
  18. cigarette
  19. classic car
  20. computer hardware
  21. credit card
  22. cruises
  23. customizable vitamin store
  24. dating
  25. debt management
  26. dental
  27. domain Registration
  28. dvd rental
  29. ebay
  30. ebook
  31. ecommerce
  32. educational software
  33. ezine
  34. fantasy sports
  35. fast cash loan
  36. finance and investment leads
  37. fitness
  38. garden plant
  39. gift basket
  40. gifts
  41. golf
  42. gospel music
  43. ghosts
  44. health fitness
  45. hemp
  46. home safety tip
  47. home security
  48. home theater
  49. horse
  50. horse racing
  51. hosting reseller
  52. hotel
  53. infidelity test kits
  54. insurance
  55. internet marketing domain free
  56. jogging
  57. karaoke
  58. life experience degree
  59. low fat recipes
  60. magazine subscriptions
  61. make money internet
  62. prepaid credit card
  63. maternity
  64. medicine alternative
  65. medical vacation (plastic surgery)
  66. merchant account
  67. modern furniture
  68. mortgage
  69. motorcycle
  70. movie tickets
  71. muscle and fitness
  72. music- different genres, djs, mixtapes, bands, etc.
  73. nail care- nail products.
  74. nba tickets
  75. netflix
  76. new age
  77. office supplies
  78. online bill pay
  79. online casino
  80. online cigarette
  81. online games
  82. online pharmacy
  83. paintball equipment
  84. pay per click
  85. pc 2 phone
  86. pet friendly
  87. phone card
  88. photo developing
  89. poker
  90. pottery
  91. projector
  92. psychic
  93. real estate
  94. relaxation
  95. ringtones
  96. satellite
  97. shopping cart
  98. skincare
  99. software
  100. sportsbook
  101. mobile phone service
  102. textbooks- you can break it down by different college courses
  103. travel- You can break it down by different countries.
  104. travel insurance
  105. victorias secret
  106. watches
  107. web design
  108. web site promotion
  109. wedding- wedding planner, catering, wedding gowns, and or anything related.
  110. weight loss
  111. wine
  112. xm radio
  113. yacht charters
  114. yahoo / yahoo auctions
  115. yoga

As previously mentioned, some of these niches are more profitable than others and since I haven’t done any research on them I do not know which ones are or aren’t.

Summary on Finding Your Niche

1. Pick several niches you might be interested in.
2. Do some keyword research on those niches and find out if they’re profitable.
3. Pick one you are most knowledgeable about.
4. Break it down into micro niches.

So there you have it. A list of a 100+ niches along with a method on how to find one. Be sure to leave your thoughts bellow. I’d love to hear from you.

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