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Around the time I started my blog I had about a dozen posts and decided that I needed to start promoting them and keep content steadily posted on my blog. Around that time I didn’t know much about blogging let alone guest posting. I heard that term before and It’s quite self explanatory what it means so I went ahead and searched Google for guest posts.  One of the first things that popped up was a forum called MyBlogGuest.


MyBlogGuest was one of the first sites I joined since I’ve entered the blogging world. That took place around the end of 2012 and since then I have gotten a few guest posts and written one through the forum. Not only have I gotten a few guest posts but I’ve also managed to build a relationship with 2 bloggers that I network with to this day. With having my link in the signature and in a couple of posts that I’ve posted on the forum I have received some traffic and backlinks as well.  In addition, they also have a section where you can post the guest post you got from MBG in a particular forum section and the community will share it via their social networks.  The forum is also pretty easy to navigate, everything is self explanatory.

So to sum up the pros, MBG will come through for you if you need guest posts or you would like to feature your posts on other blogs. You will receive traffic, shares, and build relationships with other blogs as well if you actually start participating in the forum. Not to mention, it’s easy to navigate the forum and everything is pretty self explanatory.


Since then, I have gotten more knowledgeable about blogging and one of the things I’ve learned is the difference between a good and a bad article. They have a “requesting guest posts” section where you would ask for a guest blogger. I think they call it “looking for author” or something like that. Anyway,  I’ve had my post there for a few months now and gotten dozens of offers but all of them were the spammy kind. You know, the kind where an SEO firm would write just for a back link? Not saying they were SEO firms but the quality was pretty bad even after I specifically stated my requirements. I think they should have some sort of filter on there or something.

I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal since I’ve revised my recommendations. So I’m asking for too much apparently. I haven’t been getting too many offers as of late which I think it’s better than having a full inbox looking over bad articles. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that my grammar isn’t the best either and that I have my flaws. All I’m saying is 700+ word unique article in a form of a guide or strategy is not too much to ask for. My last guest post that I have written “5 Steps to a Successful Blog” has been over 1000+ words of bad English (joke). I think I have the right to make such requests.

Back to the topic at hand, I think that some sort of filter might be a good idea. At least that way everyone will know that MBG doesn’t condone bad content. Now I don’t know how it is for other bloggers there; I’m just speaking from my experience and this is what I have gotten. I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal as much as I believe that having a filter would raise the bar so to speak.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes I would. Only reason I stated that con is because I had to think of something. You can not have a pro without a con. There are a lot of benefits of being a member of MBG and with so much misleading information out there I would also like to add that the advice and tips you get from MBG will be nothing but good advice.

One of the individuals from MBG  that I have built a relationship has helped me become a better blogger over the past few months. She keeps me in line so to speak, by making suggestions amongst other things. I also like to add that they have a paid section but with me being a free member I don’t know what kind of goodies lie in there. I’m assuming  that whatever it is that it’s good since  you have to pay to see what lies there.  It’s like that shadowie area from Lion King that Simba asked his dad about….. Never mind.

In conclusion, MBG is a great guest blogging community that I feel like every serious blogger should be a part of regardless of what niche you are in.  Go check it out, get traffic, back links, guest posts, and build relationships with other fellow bloggers.

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