Making Money Guide – 8 Sites to Join

With so many sites out there how would you know which ones to join? Well in this post I will share step one of my money making guide. This guide should generate a real passive income for you in a few months. Not what you want to hear? Well I’m just being honest, I don’t think you can make money fast on the internet unless you do some gigs for people or sell stuff. Generating a passive income takes time but once the ball starts rolling it keeps rolling if all the work you did stays on the internet.

First things to do is to find a niche, create a different email account and username, and join a list of free sites in order to make money online. In my later guides I will show you how to combine these sites in order to create several different income streams.

Step One: Find One or Several Niches

The very first thing to do is to find a niche or niches and conduct some research. I have written a blog post for you where you can find a niche list. After you have found a niche or niches you should conduct some keyword research based on the niche/niches you chose.

*If you are unfamiliar with the term “niche” look at it as a specific category or a sub category. A point of interest so to speak.*

Also if you are unfamiliar with keyword research here is an article that breaks it down for you: Keyword Research: Discover a Profitable Niche for a New Website.

Step Two: Create Another Email Address

The email address you create will be used to join different sites and be treated as a spam address. I don’t want your main address to be flooded with junk. Not only that but the email address you create will be based on the niche you chose and the keywords you found.

Example: If your niche is hiking and the keyword hiking in the Rocky Mountains then your email and username could be rockymountainhiker.

The purpose for this is partly SEO reasons but also people will see this email and you will seem more credible. Makes sense?

Step Three: Sites to Join

The third step is to join the following sites. These are all free to join and can provide you with a passive income but keep in mind that just signing up won’t bring you money. You will have to do something with them.

1. Blog– Create a blog based on the niche you chose. You can join WordPress or Blogger.
2. Squidoo– Create a free Squidoo or Hubpages account using the new email address and username created.
3. Sharecash– Create a free Sharecash account. DO NOT use the account you created here. Niches are meant to be kept secret. Don’t use it here just in case you decide to visit their forum, which I do think you should visit them since you can learn a lot there. Also check out my post “How To Make Money with Sharecash” to learn how.
4. Zazzle– Create a free Zazzle account using the new username and email address.
5. Cafepress– Create a free Cafepress account using the new username and email.
6. Vagex– Create a free Vagex account. DO NOT use your niche based email and user name since they have a forum here too.
7. Adsense– Create a free Google Adsense account. Do this first since it may take a few days to be approved. You must have a gmail account to do this I believe.
8.– Create a free account.

Quick Summary

1. Take a look at my niche list, find something you are interested in and conduct some keyword research.

2. Create a user name and email address based on the niche you’ve selected and the keywords you have found.

3. Join the sites provided.

After you have done the things mentioned in this post you can go to my “Money Making Guide- Creating a Link Wheel” post. In this guide I will show you how to combine some of these and have them work with one another that will create you several passive income streams.

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