How I Make Money with Sharecash by Doing Things the Right Way

7 ShareCash earning tricks you need to know

There are a lot of people out there that know what ShareCash is and how it works but find it nearly impossible to make money from it while on the other hand, you have people making $100 daily passively from it. Why is that? I believe it’s because it requires you to have experience working online and it requires an already built foundation. It is an advanced form of income and you can’t dedicate an hour and expect to make make money from it.

Look at it this way, if you can make money from Google AdSense then you can make money from ShareCash and vice versa. The reason I say this is because if you know how to get enough traffic and what to do to make money from AdSense then you know enough to make money from ShareCash; it’s that simple. In this post I will share what ShareCash is and how you can make money from it.

Sharecash make money online

What Is ShareCash And How Does It Work?

Sharecash is a controversial PPD (Paid Per Download) site where advertisers pay you every time someone fills out a survey before they are able to download whatever file you uploaded. I say “controversial” for 2 reasons.

1. If it’s not explained to the person what it is who’s looking to download the file, it will appear like a scam.
2. There are people who use black hat methods and put up fake files, which gave ShareCash a bad reputation in the past.

If you were to explain this to the individuals that are looking to download your file, it would greatly increase the trust factor, which we all should know the importance of. Despite all of this people still try to make money with this site due to the fact that they have the lowest payout, and highest amount per download in their industry. You can make up to $20 per download depending on what survey people fill out and what country they are in. With that being said, it would be smart to make use of it and attempt to create an income stream from it.

What You Need to Know about ShareCash Surveys

As previously mentioned, it would be a good idea to let people know what they are getting themselves into before they click the link that will take them to the download page. This will increase their trust and it’s something you want. Not only will it increase the chances of your getting a download, but if you already have loyal readers, visitors, whatever the case you don’t want to lose them.

From what I read online and from what I’ve noticed, a lot of people misunderstand the surveys and and feel as if no one wanted to fill them out. I feel like that’s the wrong way you look at it and by doing so, your are setting yourself up for failure. Please be aware that some people can benefit from filling out the surveys and the offers that they might receive.

Think of the customer and your readers, and recommend that they fill out offers and survey they have interests in. The surveys do tend to change from time to time; you can always tell your readers to check in next time or email them personally when the survey changes. By doing so, you might miss out but if you do it for the readers and customers, ’cause in a sense that’s what they are, they will appreciate you for this. You should also let them know that they can use a spam email and can also unsubscribe any time they wish.

Not everyone minds filling out surveys; that’s why you have a lot of people who try to make money by filling them out. If you want to set up an income with ShareCash, it would be wise to figure out a way to get them come to you. Perhaps create your own survey and submit it to those survey sites. If done right they can come to you.

How to Make Money with ShareCash

I have noticed that a lot of people dive into it and never make a dime, despite all the methods and guides ShareCash forums have to offer. Try to understand, you can’t just simply sign up, upload anything and expect to make money from it. You have to have a solid foundation first whether, you own a site or a blog, or any other form of online presence. If you do not have one already, I advice that you strategically create one first. You greatly increase your chances of making money with ShareCash if you already have an established business online.

Keep in mind that everything revolves around content. Having great written and video content will greatly increase your chances in actually making money from this site. The page that you have your download link on needs to contain rich content. In this case, you need to explain what they are downloading and what they need to do to be able to download it.

As previously mentioned, you would want to let your readers know that they will be required to fill out a survey before their download becomes available and that they have the option to use a spam email and also unsubscribe. Let them know to aim for the surveys that interest them. Also be honest with them; let them know that the advertisers pay you for their filling out the surveys. Your download link needs to be surrounded by such content, just be honest in every way.

Allow me to give you an example of what the surveys page looks like by my offering a download for eBooks on making money online. The reason I decided to add it because it’s related to the subject the post is on. In order for me to increase the chances of a download I would tell you how great these eBooks are and what not but I’m not going to do that here. Also if there was a survey in relation to making money this also would increase the chances of a download.

As you can see in the image above, what you could do is write a review on one of Iphone 5 since it’s one of the surveys and add your affiliate product, assuming that’s your niche. And also what you can offer for a download is a list of coupons, a list where to get the cheapest Iphones or anything related. You could also mention that the coupons can expire any minute and that can increase the downloads. Just make sure that you do your research and that the file contains exactly what it states it does! In my situation and the eBooks, I probably talk about the WalMart gift card or any other money related survey. As previously mentioned, the surveys do change from time to time so you should mention that as well and perhaps you can also suggest they fill out a related offer.

You can find many different methods on the internet on how to make money with ShareCash. I won’t go into the ones that have already been stated; the previous method is one that I thought of as well as the following. With a lesser payout and higher income than AdSense, I think it is a better alternative. But who says you can’t use both? I don’t know how it would work but you can make your own ads with your download link and add them to some of your posts and see how it works.

There are many methods stated, and advice given in the ShareCash forums. They mention how to utilize YouTube, Torrent sites, blogs, and many others. I think you have to be a member to have access to the forum but I could be wrong. You can check it out and see.

What to Know about ShareCash Niches

If you were to go and visit the forum, you would notice that they happily share their methods but no one is willing to share their niche. For obvious reasons of course, if someone were to use the same niche, that would mean less money for the person that thought of it. I on the other hand don’t mind sharing my ideas. If you are starting out and you haven’t picked a niche just yet you can visit my article that might help you picking one.

List of 100+ Niches and How to Pick One

If you already have an established online presence and a niche, I recommend trying to figure out what you can upload in relation to it. As you are thinking about it keep in mind that you want to upload something that’s in high demand. Ask yourself “what do my readers/customers want bad enough in order to fill out a survey?” The better the file the greater the chances.

Ideas on What You Can Upload

If you own a website, you can upload password for VIP access. It doesn’t just have to be your site or a password for a site. Just a password in general. I suggest you think about what type of password would be in high demand in relation to your niche.

If something costs money, you can offer it for free. Now with this method you will need to apply a code of ethics. Make sure that you aren’t breaking any terms of conditions. You might get away with it for a little while, but black hat methods are short lived; trust me I know. You can write a review of something and offer it for download. You will just have to think about it but if you come up with an idea don’t be afraid to use it.

If you have a blog or have a website about video games, you can upload cheats, hacks, tips and tricks for certain games. There are people that make money on ShareCash from offering cheats and tricks for Facebook games. Video games can be addictive especially the ones on Facebook. If this is done right it can work out really well for you.

If you are a programmer, you can think about what codes you can offer for download. If you created any custom codes in the past for yourself, why not upload them to ShareCash? Just write about what it does and people looking for the same thing will come to you.

These are just my ideas in regards to niches. At the end of the day you will just have to think about for a while.

My Personal Experience with ShareCash

I joined ShareCash a few years back and since then I have made $188.50 during the time they were offering .30 to .60 cents per download. It’s nothing to brag about but it’s enough for me to know that this is a legit site that will pay you if you know how to utilize it. I will admit that I was using a black hat method that was offering a PlayStation 3 hack that allows you to play games you did not purchase. I was using YouTube and Weebly had my ShareCash link on it along with steps on how to hack the PlayStation while YouTube had a video that I have downloaded, not even made by myself. At that time I didn’t even know the difference between white hat and black hat. I just did what a method mentioned. I don’t exactly recall how long it took for Weebly to suspend my site and YouTube to ban my video but my income was short lived (not even a week).

Now I’m not a bad guy or anything; I just didn’t know any better at that time and even worse, I felt bad about it. Since then I’ve decided I will educate myself and go back to ShareCash once I have learned what I need to know, which is SEO and how to market online. Now I feel like I know enough to do this the right way. So my recommendation would be stay away from black hat methods especially in this age of the web. If I had dedicated some more time, created a professional self hosted blog, and made my own videos, I probably wouldn’t have been banned and still had money coming in, not to mention if I had legit downloads.

ShareCash is a legit company, they will ban you if you break their Terms and Conditions. They do not allow any sort of copyrighted materials such as music and movies, and they do not allow adult material. That alone says that it’s legit and my experiences should tell you that white hat is the way to go in order to make money from ShareCash.

In Conclusion to Making Money Online with ShareCash

We all should know by now that having great unique content is what will bring you traffic, and enable you to have an income no matter what path you choose to make money online. ShareCash is no different. You should have a solid content foundation if you want to make money with it.

I’m aware that this stream of income wouldn’t be for everyone. It’s whatever floats your boat at the end of the day. But if you are like me and want a legit income regardless of the type then I suggest you to sit down for a second and think about how you can implement it in order to work for you. If you are interested in making money this way let me know and I will be more willing to help. There is no need for you to be my referral (but it would be appreciated) in order for me to make suggestions and give you advice. Just helping you gives me new ideas and helps me grow, and in that sense I benefit from it.

So this is my advice on how to make money with ShareCash. Let me know your thoughts.

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